Apple is launching iOS in the car for Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo at Geneva Motor Show next Week

iOS in Car -
iOS in Car –

Apple has something special at Geneva motor Show next week, as Apple is launching iOS for the car for Ferrari, Mercedes – Bens and Volvo. The integration of iOS to car is rumored from last year. Though iOS built have the compatibility to integrate it to cars easily according to it builds. The User Interface may slightly change for the Apple OS. Apple has already said that iOS in the car is “key focus”. According to sources, some other car vendors like Honda are also preparing to integrate Apple OS with the upcoming cars in the future.

Apple Siri, Digital Voice Assistance, will able to receive calls while driving without toughing the phone. It will have many other features like changing the songs, texting, navigate using mapping and much more.   For now only Ferrari, Mercedes – Benz and Volvo will showcase the redesigned iOS at Geneva Motor Show next week.