Google Now Launcher is available to download from Google Play Store

Google Now Launcher -
Google Now Launcher –

Google quietly released Google Now Launcher which was found on Nexus 5. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store for older Nexus phones and Google Play Edition. When Google first introduced this launcher with Nexus 5 Phone. The launcher will be activated whenever the user says ‘Ok Google’, the phone can be unlock at any point, and will direct you to Home Screen, if you tell Google Now to search, it will not only search in Google but also check the Apps, make a call and even text a message without touching your Phone.
Google Now Launcher is not compatible with every Android Phone. This is compatible only for owners of old Google Nexus Phones and Google Play Editions. This could disappoint many users who are not owners if this phone. Google should have release this launcher for every phone, but they said that, Nexus and Google play edition are only compatible due to their hardware. Let’s hope that it will soon available for everyone.